The Wild Hearted Podcast
The Wild Hearted Podcast
24. When To End A Relationship

Have you ever looked back on a past relationship and realise you can tell exactly when it started going south? Why don’t we leave when we get that gut feeling? Or is it something we only notice in hindsight? 

This episode is an attempt at trying to achieve the impossible – to create a guideline on how to spot the signs of a relationship that’s no longer serving us, while we’re in the relationship. Chynene asks Katherina for advice on how to be aware of what’s actually going on in a relationship: Are we really happy together? Am I losing myself? Is this person treating me the way I deserve? Am I respecting my own boundaries? 

Listen as Chynene and Katherina break down what it means to stay present and aware of your own needs and priorities when you’ve got a partner to consider.

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