The Wild Hearted Podcast
The Wild Hearted Podcast
22. Dealing With Conflict

There is such a thing as healthy conflict. The only question is: what does that actually look like? 

Chynene and Katherina are both triggered in different ways when confronted with aggression or conflict, and also react very differently. Find out which style of conflict you are most triggered by, and how you respond to conflict. Once we understand ourselves in these situations, we can work to make them easier and explain to others how we would like to be treated.

This episode provides a look into how to healthily deal with resolving issues that might feel painful to us in a relationship, and work out whether we are unconsciously upsetting our partner with our style of dealing with an argument (or if they might be unconsciously upsetting us.)  It also dives in to how we can better communicate when our partner hurts us – whether it’s intentional or not.