The Wild Hearted Podcast
The Wild Hearted Podcast
20. Explore Your Kinks

Warning: This episode is R rated.

This episode dives straight into the nitty, gritty and ‘dirty’ side of sex. Chynene shares some of her more experimental sexual experiences. Katherina dissects the idea of submission and dominance, and tries to understand why she behaves the way she does when it comes to bedroom power play. They talk about dom/sub play; spanking; the breeding kink; and so much more.

This is a lighthearted conversation about kinks, fetishes and desires – making space for it where it doesn’t have to be shameful or intimidating to talk about. The intention behind this episode is to enjoy all forms of sex and all desires without judgment, and in a playful manner.

Trigger warning: In this conversation there is discussion of pain related kinks that may trigger listeners who have have trauma around sexual assault. Please listen with caution.