The Wild Hearted Podcast
The Wild Hearted Podcast
9. Ayahuasca Experience

Katherina talks about her recent experience at an Ayahuasca retreat in Sacred Valley, Peru. Listen as Chynene asks all the questions you’d want answered if you were curious about trying it. 

This episode breaks down the nitty gritty of the entire journey – from the logistics of the ceremony, to the physical toll it takes on your body, to the emotional and spiritual breakthroughs. 

This is a beautifully raw, detailed, and vulnerable look into what ‘Mama Aya’ had to show Katherina and how it’s changed her life. 

If you’ve ever been curious about Ayahuasca you don’t want to miss this episode. 

If you plan on trying it, listen ’til the end for some solid advice to prepare yourself.